New Technology in our offices

iteroWe recently  introduced new technology into our offices to make our patient experience better.   Our new digital X-ray provides Dr. Richardson with high resolution images of your teeth and jaws in seconds.  Even better, they use minimal radiation compared to traditional x-rays . In our Stellarton office we also introduced a new check in system. We register your finger print! So that you can use your finger rather than your name to check in for your appointments.  Now that is really cool.

Our newest high tech machine is the ITERO SCANNER. This machine is used to capture high resolution images of your teeth-every tiny detail- when you choose Invisalign to get the smile you dream of.  The ITERO scanner allows us to submit your case to Invisalign instantaneously so we can get your aligners started faster.  It is also more patient friendly then the impressions we used to have to take.   Now that we have the scanner, we can also offer our patients Invisalign retainers.  

Although it is an additional fee, we can provide our patients with 4 sets of retainers for the price of 1 set made at a local lab in Halifax. Feel free to ask our staff if you are considering this option. It is especially advantageous for those of us who tend to lose the first complimentary set of retainers you are given when your treatment is finished

Our Mission: We are committed to providing above average patient care on the journey to creating a beautiful, healthy, confident smile.  Our goal is for every patient to have a superior Orthodontic experience and an outstanding result.
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