Adult Orthodontics

It is estimated that approximately 25 to 40 % of active adult orthodontics patients across the nation are adults over the age of 25.  It is never too late to start the process towards having the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of, and of enjoying the benefits that a pleasing, healthy smile can provide.

Most adult orthodontics clients prefer to have braces which are discrete and aesthetic in appearance. Dr. Richardson can provide her adult patients with two different types of appliances which are successful in moving teeth and are virtually invisible.

Invisible Braces (Clear Aligners)

adult orthodonticsSome patients are good candidates for “invisible braces”.  This new technology allows the doctor to fabricate a series of custom trays which slowly move teeth into the desired position.  Clear aligners are comfortable, invisible, and removable so that the patient can easily keep their teeth clean during treatment.  Dr. Richardson can determine if you are a good candidate for this type of treatment once she completes your Orthodontic evaluation.

Clear Braces

There are many different types of clear braces available to  Orthodontic patients, and Dr. Richardson has chosen the product that she feels has the highest esthetic appearance and functions the best.  The clear braces she uses are manufactured to maximize patient comfort by being thinner and more clear bracesrounded, thereby minimizing lip and cheek abrasions.  Compared to their competitors, she ranks them the highest for esthetics, and they are removed more easily than some of the other types of clear braces available on the market.

Our Mission: We are committed to providing above average patient care on the journey to creating a beautiful, healthy, confident smile.  Our goal is for every patient to have a superior Orthodontic experience and an outstanding result.
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