Health & Safety

Dr. Richardson and her staff would like our patients to know that we ensure your health & safety by  strictly following the standards for sterilization and disinfection of instruments and surfaces as set out by the Nova Scotia Dental Association.

The sterilizers utilized within both practices are monitored by the Dalhousie University Pathology Lab.  By participating in the biological sterilizer monitoring service at Dalhousie University, we are ensuring our patients that we are maintaining high standards in infection control.

Further, Dr. Richardson has invested in two different state of the art sterilizers for both offices.  Using  different technologies, each type of sterilizer  effectively and thoroughly kills all microbes on both metal and plastic instruments.  Dr. Richardson feels strongly that your health and peace of mind is worth the extra investment!


Other Points of Interest

  • Our braces and wires are securely packaged, and are opened only when required at the appointment.
  • Instruments are sterilized and packaged in kits before they are stored. We open the kits only after the patient is seated and is ready for their appointment.
  • We provide our patients with safety glasses at each appointment.  The health and safety of our patients is of paramount importance to us.
  • We exclusively use non-latex dental gloves and can offer our patients a latex free environment if requested.
  • Our office also adheres to the guidelines set forth by WHMIS, and our staff has received continuing education on WHMIS.
  • We are a PIPEDA Compliant office. Patient confidentiality is taken very seriously in our practice.
  • We strive as a team to practice the highest standard of infection control.  We formally review our procedures and protocols annually, and have a dedicated infection control officer on our team who is responsible for auditing our health and safety practices daily. 
Our Mission: We are committed to providing above average patient care on the journey to creating a beautiful, healthy, confident smile.  Our goal is for every patient to have a superior Orthodontic experience and an outstanding result.
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